Live Local Act
Largest Investment for Housing Opportunities in History

The Live Local Act is a comprehensive, statewide workforce housing strategy, designed to increase the availability of affordable housing opportunities for Florida’s workforce, who desire to live within the communities they serve. This Act, also known as SB 102, provides historic funding for workforce housing. In addition to a multitude of new programs, incentives, and opportunities, this legislation works to refocus Florida’s housing strategy in ways that make housing more attainable. Florida Housing will be implementing and assisting with several programs created by this transformative piece of Legislation. Florida Housing is honored to assist in the development of multifamily residential housing, homeownership, and creating innovative approaches for all markets.

Please see the following programs, reports, and information below to learn more about how the Live Local Act can assist in reaching the goal of helping Floridians live where they work.

August 23, 2023, Local Government Workshop:


Program pages:

Live Local Program Tax Credit

Multifamily Middle Market Certification

Hometown Heroes Program

Additional Live Local SAIL Funding Opportunities

State Housing Strategy (Report to be added later)

Report for State Funds (Report to be added later)

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