Statewide Permanent Supportive Housing Workgroup

Last year, the Florida Supportive Housing Coalition hosted a Policy Day in Tallahassee. Representatives from the Executive Office of the Governor, multiple State Agencies, and other key stakeholders gathered to discuss supportive housing and the households served. The group discussed the need to increase production of housing units for persons with special needs, how to improve access, coordination and funding for supportive services, and the importance of creating data-driven solutions that cross State Agencies and systems of care.

This group examined data from a recently completed statewide needs assessment and worked to identify and outline short- and long-term strategies to address the needs of households that require supportive housing services.

At this Policy Day, the Governor’s Office recommended establishing a statewide workgroup consisting of State Agency leadership to identify housing and supportive services policies and actions that can be implemented to best address the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.

The definition for Permanent Supportive Housing that this Statewide Workgroup will use is as follows…

Affordable rental housing leased to households for continued occupancy. Tenancy is based on a lease for term as long as the tenant complies with lease requirements. Permanent Supportive Housing shall support housing stability, access to activities of daily living, community-based services, and inclusion in the general community through voluntary participation in supportive services.

State agencies participating in this Workgroup include representatives from the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Department of Elder Affairs, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Governor’s Office of Policy and Budget, and Florida Housing Finance Corporation.

The Statewide Permanent Supportive Housing Workgroup completed the following report that reflects months of discussion through meetings of this Workgroup; review of supportive housing philosophy and models; examination of data from a Florida-specific needs assessment; discussions with stakeholders surrounding topics from development financing, the provision and funding of housing stability and supportive services, and rental assistance for impacted households; a review of successful programs currently operating in Florida; as well as consideration of existing modifications Florida could implement to further support and increase the availability of Permanent Supportive Housing in the state.

Action Plan and Recommendation (view/download)

Statewide Permanent Supportive Housing Workgroup: Introductory Meeting (registration link)

Statewide Permanent Supportive Housing Workgroup: Second Meeting (registration link)

Statewide Permanent Supportive Housing Workgroup: Third Meeting (registration link)

Statewide Permanent Supportive Housing Workgroup: Fourth Meeting

Statewide Permanent Supportive Housing Workgroup: Fifth Meeting (registration link)

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