Education, Training & Technical Assistance

Florida Housing’s main tool for providing training and technical assistance is the Affordable Housing Catalyst Program.  The Catalyst Program provides community-based organizations and state and local governments with specialized training to meet affordable housing needs. This assistance includes instruction on the development of affordable housing programs, public/private partnerships, local housing assistance plans and regulatory reforms. The program also provides training on project financing, leveraging, achieving state and federal compliance and project completion.

Florida Housing contracts with the Florida Housing Coalition to administer workshops to local governments and non-profits on the Catalyst Program as well as the State Housing Initiative Partnership Program (SHIP) and other affordable housing programs. These workshops are tailored to housing professionals who are interested in increasing their knowledge of designing and implementing affordable housing programs and in furthering their careers in affordable housing. Go to the Florida Housing Coalition online for a complete review of courses offered: Florida Housing Coalition

Additionally, the Florida Supportive Housing Coalition also offers a variety of training opportunities related to supportive housing and the role it plays in serving diverse populations.


Interested in Developing and Managing Permanent Supportive Housing?
Florida Housing has created two pre-recorded webinars specially targeted to organizations interested in developing and managing Permanent Supportive Housing using funds through Florida Housing programs.

You can watch these orientations as you have time. Should you have questions or want more information after you’ve finished the webinars, we welcome you contacting us. Contact Zach Summerlin at

Part 1 provides an overview of what Permanent Supportive Housing is and the development process. It also provides a useful set of self-assessment questions your organization can use to help you decide whether your organization is prepared to take on the development and management of supportive housing.

Click this link to view the presentation. (Coming soon)

Part 2 is more focused on the process of working with Florida Housing, from pre-application through to asset management of your property. It provides an overview of what Florida Housing’s expectations are and provides some tips for understanding the funding and application process.

Click this link to view the presentation. (Coming soon)


Getting Ready for Housing Development: Process and Partnerships
This webinar recording is from the Corporation of Supportive Housing. It is targeted to nonprofits, focusing on key considerations to help determine if your nonprofit is ready to take on a housing development project.

Click this link to view the presentation.


Reasonable Accommodations and Reasonable Modification in Housing
This presentation is in a slideshow format providing material on the accessibility laws and regulations that relate to Florida Housing’s multifamily programs. The presentation is geared to the social service agencies that service Special Needs Households in Florida Housing-financed units. It covers Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification policies in the context of Florida Housing programs under the Fair Housing Act, ADA, and Section 504.

Click this link to view the presentation.


Requirements in Implementing the Link Strategy: Responsibilities of Owners and Property Managers
This provides information on the Link requirements and procedures incorporated into Florida Housing’s Request for Applications.

Click this link to view the presentation.


Link Referral Agencies PowerPoint
This training provides information for Special Needs Referral Agencies that are working with Florida Housing and property managers on the Link Strategy.

Click this link to view the presentation.

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