Catalyst Program

The Catalyst Program provides community based organizations and state and local governments with technical assistance to meet affordable housing needs. This assistance includes training on the development of affordable housing programs, public/private partnerships, local housing assistance plans and regulatory reforms. The program also provides training on project financing, leveraging, achieving state and federal compliance and project completion.

Florida Housing contracts with the Florida Housing Coalition to provide training and technical assistance. The Florida Housing Coalition’s technical assistance team consists of a highly skilled and geographically dispersed network of technical assistance providers, professional staff, current practitioners and housing professionals in virtually all areas of the development of affordable housing. The Coalition has established a presence in Florida as a principle resource for training and education on affordable housing issues, and is committed to continuing a standard of excellence in training by providing local governments and nonprofit organizations with the skills to become effective partners in the housing delivery process through the provision of technical assistance and training.

For more information about Catalyst, training schedules, workshop descriptions and other details, visit the Coalition online at or contact them toll-free between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays (excluding holidays) at 1-(800) 677-4548.