Florida Assessment of Housing for Homeless and Special Needs Populations

Florida Housing contracted with the Corporation for Supportive Housing to carry out a statewide housing needs assessment focused on the needs of persons experiencing homelessness and persons with special needs.  The report is meant to help Florida better understand the more specific housing needs across these sub-populations – for example, how many permanent supportive housing units versus general rental units are needed for these populations.  In addition to estimating the number and type of housing units needed, the assessment includes financial modeling to estimate the housing cost to meet the entire need across these populations.  The assessment also projects the cost of subsidizing a portion of operating expenses, as well as costs that supportive service providers or property owners subsidize in lowering cost barriers to entry (application costs, security deposits and the like) for the lowest income, hardest to serve of these tenants.  While a very important part of providing successful supportive housing, the assessment does not consider the need for and cost of supportive services that many of these households need to assist them in living successfully in independent housing.


Needs Assessment FULL REPORT
Needs Assessment SUMMARY
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