Elderly Housing Community Loan Program

The Elderly Housing Community Loan (EHCL) program provides loans of up to $750,000 to developers that are making substantial improvements to elderly housing. The EHCL program generally has one funding cycle each year (with the option of a supplemental cycle should funds still be available) and the application period is open for a minimum of 30 days. These funds are available for the purpose of making building preservation, sanitation repairs or improvements required by federal, state or local regulation codes, or life safety or security related improvements.

These housing developments must provide housing for the elderly as defined in Section 420.503 Florida Statutes. Applicants may be any person or entity, public or private, for-profit or nonprofit that provides housing for the elderly.

Eligible applicants should apply for funding through Florida Housing's Request for Applications (RFA) process or contact our office for further information. This program is governed by Rule 67-48 of the Florida Administrative Code.