How to Request an HHF Payoff

To request a payoff statement for an HHF loan, please email your request to or fax to (850) 414-5480 and include the following information:

  • Reason for the payoff (example:  Selling the home, short sale, refinancing, loan balance),
  • Borrower(s) name,
  • Property Address,
  • Loan number (if available), and,
  • Authorization.
  • If the borrower is requesting the payoff:
  • Email the request from the email account used when you applied for HHF assistance, or
  • Provide a copy of your current signature (which can be sent from any email account)
  • If a third party is requesting the payoff (example:  title company, new lender, attorney, realtor, etc.), provide:
  • An authorization executed by the borrower authorizing Florida Housing to release/discuss the client’s loan information.
  • If the request for the payoff is for a person who is deceased, provide:
  • A copy of the death certificate,
  • An authorization signed by the personal representative (or other legal representative) authorizing Florida Housing to release/ discuss the client’s loan information, and
  • Documentation that supports that the person signing the authorization is the personal representative, executor or trustee of the estate.