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Annual Regulatory Plan
  • View the most current, as well as archived Annual Regulatory Plan, here.
Annual Reports
  • View the most current, as well as archived Annual Reports, here.
Affordable Housing Workgroup Report
  • View the 2017 Affordable Housing Workgroup Final Report, here.
The Affordable Housing Study Commission
  • View the most current, as well as archived AHSC Annual Reports,here.
Board Related Publications and Presentations
Commmunity Workforce Housing Innovation Pilot Program (CWHIP)
Creating Inclusive Communities
Economic Benefit of FHFC Programs
Green Building
  • CWHIP Green Building Workshop Web Resources
  • CWHIP Green Building Workshop Presentation
  • Green Home Checklist- Florida Green Building Coalition’s (FGBC) Home Standard applies to new and existing developments that are three stories or less. Garden apartments and other multifamily units are eligible under this standard. The Home Standard Checklist provides criteria by which a unit is certified. There is no builder registration and Energy Star rating is optional, making certification with FGBC Home Standard less expensive than LEED for Homes.
Hurricane Recovery
Permanent Supportive Housing
Rental Housing
Special Needs