Grants for Housing to Serve Persons with Developmental Disabilities

The Florida Legislature has appropriated funding for a competitive grant program for housing developments designed and constructed to serve persons with developmental disabilities, as defined in section 393.063, Florida Statutes. These grants are made available to private nonprofit organizations with a primary mission includes serving persons with developmental disabilities. Developments eligible for these grants include community residential homes (CRHs) as defined in section 419.001, Florida Statutes, and licensed by the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities; individual supported living units; and apartment properties that provide permanent supportive housing units. Funds may be used to renovate existing CRHs or build new properties.

Florida Housing’s evaluation process for competitive development applications includes the extent of funds from local and other sources used to leverage these grant funds; employment opportunities and supports that will be available to residents of the housing; a plan for residents to effectively access community-based services, resources, and amenities; and partnerships with other supportive services agencies.

Developments receiving these grant funds must commit to serve persons with developmental disabilities with incomes at or below 60% of the median income in the area where the property is to be built.

Eligible applicants should apply for funding through Florida Housing's Request for Applications (RFA) process or contact our office for further information.