Additional Live Local SAIL Funding Opportunities

The Live Local Act provides new funding for affordable housing for ten years from an additional portion of the documentary stamp tax collections and creates Section 420.50871, F.S. which describes the intended use for these additional funds.  The Legislature intends for these funds to be used for “innovative projects that provide affordable and attainable housing for persons and families working, going to school or living in the state.”  Seventy percent of the increased funding will be used to issue competitive RFAs for developments that:

  • Both redevelop an existing affordable housing development and provide for the construction of a new development within close proximity to the existing development to be rehabilitated. Each project must provide for building the new affordable housing development first, relocating the tenants of the existing development to the new development, and then demolishing the existing development for reconstruction of an affordable housing development with more overall and affordable units.
  • Address urban infill, including conversions of vacant, dilapidated, or functionally obsolete buildings or the use of underused commercial property.
  • Provide for mixed use of the location, incorporating nonresidential uses, such as retail, office, institutional, or other appropriate commercial or nonresidential uses.
  • Provide housing near military installations in this state, with preference given to projects that incorporate critical services for servicemembers, their families, and veterans, such as mental health treatment services, employment services, and assistance with transition from active-duty service to civilian life.

The remaining funds shall be used to issue competitive RFAs for:

  • Propose using or leasing public lands. Projects that propose to use or lease public lands must include a resolution or other agreement with the unit of government owning the land to use the land for affordable housing purposes.
  • Address the needs of young adults who age out of the foster care system.
  • Meet the needs of elderly persons.
  • Provide housing to meet the needs in areas of rural opportunity, designated pursuant to s. 288.0656.

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