Public Comments on National Housing Trust Fund Implementation in Florida

Comments regarding National Housing Trust Fund Implementation can be sent to Trey Price, Executive Director, Marisa Button, Director of Multifamily Programs, or Bill Aldinger, Director of Policy and Special Programs, by choosing one of the following methods:

By Email:

By Fax: (850) 488-9809, attn: Trey Price
attn: Marisa Button
attn: Bill Aldinger 
By Mail: Florida Housing Finance Corporation
c/o Trey Price
c/o Marisa Button
c/o Bill Aldinger
227 North Bronough Street, Suite 5000
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Date of Comment Submitted By
08-01-2016 Jane Bevan - Circuit 20 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Consortium.pdf
07-29-2016 Shannon Nazworth - Ability Housing.pdf
07-22-2016 Debra Webb - Key Clubhouse of SF.pdf
07-16-2016 Amy McClellan - Key Clubhouse of SF.pdf
07-12-2016 Steven Wetstein.pdf
07-12-2016 Sandra Smallwood Beltran.pdf
07-11-2016 Maureen Kempa - Guidance Care Center.pdf
07-11-2016 Mariamee Rodriguez - Criminal Mental Health Project.pdf
07-11-2016 Denise Deshazior - Jefferson Reaves House.pdf
07-11-2016 Aaron Moore - Community Health of SF.pdf
06-30-2016 Olga Golik - Citrus Health Network.pdf
05-26-2016 Jeffrey Hearne, Patrice Paldino & Natalie Maxwell - Florida Legal Services Housing Umbrella Group.pdf
04-18-2016 Jaimie Ross - Florida Housing Coalition FNHAN.pdf
03-28-2016 Jaimie Ross - Florida Housing Coalition.pdf