Report on the Findings of the Florida High Needs High Cost Pilot – April 2021

Studies around the nation show that cost savings to public systems, particularly crisis services, occur when high utilizers of these services are provided with supportive housing.  Supportive housing is a highly effective strategy that combines affordable housing with community-based services to help people maintain a stable home.  It is a proven model to help people who are not stably housed or who are experiencing homelessness, as well as persons with disabilities who can live independently in their communities with supportive services.

In 2014 Florida Housing awarded $10 million in development financing through a competitive application process to three nonprofit developers to create permanent supportive housing properties. The target population at the three properties was extremely low-income persons experiencing chronic homelessness who were high users of publicly funded crisis services.  Florida Housing sought providers that were working in partnership with a network of organizations that would be able to provide the service supports necessary for the pilot.

This report describes and compares the three pilots that were part of the state pilot and summarizes the research evaluating costs to public systems prior to housing compared to after housing was obtained.  Findings also include evaluations of residents’ personal outcomes prior to move-in and after living in housing for two years.  The report discusses concerns that arose during implementation related mainly to the fragmentation of the housing and services infrastructure in Florida, particularly around coordination and funding of services in supportive housing settings.  Finally, the report proposes housing and services best practices in serving persons who are high utilizers of public services.

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Each of the nonprofits also wrote individual reports summarizing their pilots and outcomes. Links to these reports are below.