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Special Needs Housing

Welcome to the Special Needs Website of the Florida Housing Finance Corporation. This website is intended to serve as a comprehensive clearinghouse and portal of information about Florida Housing’s affordable housing funding programs and resources that serve persons and households with special needs.

Special needs households include persons that are elderly, physically disabled, at risk of being or are homeless, and/or have extremely low incomes. These special needs populations may include more specifically defined subgroups such as youth aging out of foster care, survivors of domestic violence, persons with severe and persistent mental illness, or persons with developmental disabilities.

RFQ 2021-02 RESPONSES DUE BY MAY 20, 2021 – 2:00 pm

The intent of this funding opportunity is to assist school districts and communities to form partnerships that will assist homeless households with children to regain housing stability and greater self-sufficiency, as well as keep the children on track with their education. Florida Housing expects to select up to three respondents to allocate up to $500,000 in HOME TBRA (Tenant Based Rental Assistance) funds for rental assistance up to 24 months. This RFQ will target counties with a population at or below 400,000 persons. There will be a preference to select at least one eligible applicant from a county with a population at or below 250,000.


Because small and rural communities tend to have fewer housing resources or options than larger more populated communities, this RFQ will target counties with a population at or below 400,000 persons. There will be a preference to select at least one eligible applicant from a county with a population at or below 250,000.


The Housing Stability for Homeless Schoolchildren Initiative expects to allocate Federal HOME TBRA to three eligible counties that best demonstrate a partnership of key local stakeholders that have the qualifications, resources and capacity to provide coordinated, family-centered, comprehensive supportive services that meet the intent of this funding opportunity.

The RFQ respondent must be the formal partnership between, at least, the following primary partners:

  • The county school district and its McKinney-Vento Program;
  • A public housing authority or agency (PHA) that serves the entire county;
  • The Federal HOME TBRA will be administered by eligible PHAs through a contract with Florida Housing.
  • A non-profit community-services provider that is qualified to provide case management and support services to homeless families in the PHA’s geographic area;

For more information on how to apply, click here.

DRAFT OF THE RFQ (2021-02)

Questions and Answers from RFQ 2021-02 Workshop

March 23, 2021 Power Point Presentation for Housing Stability for Homeless Schoolchildren

Workshop for RFQ 2021-02 Housing Stability for Homeless Schoolchildren Initiative

Getting Started

The Special Needs Website is organized into the subsections using menu links on the left side of this page. This website also features a variety of links that will sometimes open new windows or websites. For your browsing convenience, no links will take you out of this site. Should you choose a link to another website or document, this website will remain open, displaying the new website or link in a new browser window. To return to this screen at any time, simply select HOME from the left menu.

  • Consumers - Information for consumers with a special need or service providers seeking information for persons with special needs regarding affordable rental or homeownership opportunities: “Consumers page.”
  • Developers - General information regarding the programs of Florida Housing for developers that are for-profit, non-profit, or local government organizations can be found on the  “Developers page.”
  • Important Announcements lists funding timelines and other pertinent information, and can be found here.

This mission of the Florida Housing Finance Corporation is to help our fellow Floridians obtain safe, decent housing that might otherwise be unavailable to them. Florida Housing’s staff and Board of Directors are continuing to work to increase affordable housing opportunities for Floridians, ensure that Florida Housing’s programs are well matched to the housing needs of Floridians, and communicate the importance of affordable housing to Florida’s communities.

Increasingly, Florida Housing is working with its sister agencies and other stakeholders to provide supportive housing opportunities for people with special needs, such as elders, youth aging out of foster care, and people with disabilities. Supportive housing refers to housing in which services for those residents are matched with the housing they need, whether rental or homeownership. Because Florida Housing’s statutory role is to provide financing for housing only, coordination with service agencies at the state and local level is required for an effective response.

Since 2001, Florida Housing has offered funding for a series of demonstrations to learn more about the financing needs of housing targeted to those residents. Over recent years, we have initiated several new projects to further our efforts, specifically our Link Strategy (linking households receiving supportive services with housing) and our Universal Design requirements in newly constructed units. You can read more in Serving Special Needs and Universal Design and Accessibility in Housing.

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