2016/2017 RFA Comments

General Comments about the RFA Process (comments that are not specific to any particular RFA) can be sent to Steve Auger, Executive Director, or Ken Reecy, Director of Multifamily Programs, by choosing one of the following methods:

By Email: Steve.Auger@floridahousing.org
By Fax: (850) 488-9809, attn: Steve Auger attn: Ken Reecy
By Mail: Florida Housing Finance Corporation
c/o Steve Auger
c/o Ken Reecy
227 North Bronough Street, Suite 5000
Tallahassee, FL 32301

With regard to specific RFAs, please bear in mind that Florida Housing will hold workshops for future RFAs and will take comments on the RFA criteria as each specific RFA is developed. Public comments specific to a particular RFA will be posted on the specific RFA web page.

Date of Comment Submitted By
09-03-2016 Shawn Wilson - Blue Sky Communities.pdf
08-31-2016 Allan_Schnier
08-24-2016 Susan Leigh - Community Concepts Group.pdf
07-26-2016 Jeff Kiss - Kiss & Company.pdf
07-19-2016 Elena Adames - Ambar3.pdf
07-15-2016 Mara Mades - The Cornerstone Group.pdf
07-13-2016 Paula Rhodes - InVictus Development.pdf
07-01-2016 Nick Inamdar & Shawn Wilson - On Behalf of Coalition of Affordable Housing Providers.pdf
06-28-2016 Bob Colvard - Roundstone Development.docx.pdf
06-21-2016 Ryan von Weller - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
06-09-2016 Barry Goldmeier.pdf
06-08-2016 Jack Humburg - Boley Centers.pdf
06-06-2016 Michael Liu - Miami-Dade Public Housing & Community Development.pdf
06-06-2016 Elena Adames - Ambar3, LLC.pdf
05-25-2016 Barry Goldmeier.pdf
05-11-2016 Ryan von Weller - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
05-11-2016 Jay Brock - Southern Affordable Services.pdf
05-04-2016 Susan Leigh - The Community Concepts Group.pdf
05-04-2016 Jane Dixon - TAG Associates.pdf
04-28-2016 Joshua Johnson- City of St. Petersburg.pdf
04-20-2016 Michael Parker - City of Tallahassee.pdf
04-18-2016 Shaun Rycroft - Beneficial Communities.pdf
03-25-2016 Arancha Lattanzio - City of Orlando.pdf
03-21-2016 James K Green - On Behalf of Beneficial Communities.pdf
03-21-2016 Debra Koehler - Hillsborough County Housing Finance Authority.pdf
03-18-2016 Tripp Gulliford - Jacksonville Housing Finance Autho....pdf
03-16-2016 Ryan von Weller - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
02-22-2016 Stacy Banach - Parametric Design & Development.pdf
02-18-2016 Shawn Wilson - Blue Sky Communities.pdf